How to Improve Your Deer Hunting

If you are a veteran hunter, then you may have already applied some tricks to improve your hunting. However, if you are heading out to the forest for the first time then don’t ignore these tips that can make you a pro deer hunter. Irrespective of your experience it is always better to check out new techniques and tricks that are meant to help you. Here, we go;


#1 Tip – Scouting the Hunting Area

There is not a better survey opportunity than airborne scouting. If you are planning to scout your hunting areas, but hesitating for you neither own a plane, nor enough cash for an air trip to study the region aloft. Try Google Maps – it can serve your purpose effectively.

#2 Tip – Practice Makes a Man Perfect

It is not an easy task to get your tree stand set up and dismantling it. Practice way before the hunting season. Further, you need to master the tricky art of getting into and out of your hideout without being detected. Darkness may not serve as a good. Use a cover of the forest as a guard.

Many hunters fall while hiking into or out of the tree stand. Even if you have practiced, wear a full body safety harness to protect yourself.

#3 Tip – Preparing for the Hunt

  1. Take a shower with an unscented soap right before the trip. Your smell can unnerve the deer.
  2. Wash your hunting wear with odor-free detergent. Carry them to the hunting ground in a plastic or bad filled with leaves, dirt around your hunting ground so that it can absorb some of the natural scents.
  3.  Preparing with the right hunting equipment like, rifle, file scope, rifle stand, bow, and others accessories. Read more to get enough ideas about the hunting equipment and accessories.

#4 Tip – Never Disturb the Ground

Don’t trim or disturb the shooting ground  during the hunting season. If you want to do it, save it for summer. Clever deer would get accustomed to the freshly cut timber and would relate it with human presence.

#5 Tip – Pay Attention to Your Camouflage

  1. Do you use any hunting scent eliminator when setting up? That is a nice trick. Now, carry the spray with you to your special hideout. When you reach, apply some more on your body, especially your hair and hat.
  2. Good! You are wearing a camouflaging jacket and pants. If you think it is good, go for better. There are blinds for tree stands that save you from the wary eyes of the deer. Plus, save you from harsh winds.

#6 Tip – Draw the Buck

Try out buck scent. Many think that estrous doe scent is a nice way to attract the bucks. However, it works only for a specific season. In October, bucks don’t find the estrous doe scent sensible. One can try checking the buck scent – worth a try!

You have sighted a buck in the field nearby, but he is not nearing you. What should you do? Don’t leave your camouflage and pursue your kill. Entice it to come close to you with a bait or deer call.

#7 Tip – Make a Buck Follow Your Trail

If you are hunting in peak-rut phase, soak a rag in doe estrous and drag it towards your stand. Don’t be surprised if you see a buck picking up your trail.

#8 Tip – Play with the Wind

Wind can challenge all your scent arrangements if you cannot shield your human odor. Find a cover or timber piece that can guard you along your length. Pour some deer scent on the timber as well as in other places from where the wind is blowing. Also, try to settle down high enough so that your whiff flows over your prey.

#9 Tip – Hunting in the Snow

Tracking and hunting in the snow is quite difficult and challenging. You need to identify if he is a mature buck or his herd. Hooves that are longer than 3-inches stepping more than 20 inches points to a large deer. Not every buck strides long.  Hence, you need to assess how deep his hooves drop into the snow.

Finally, be swift with your shot. You don’t get much chance to improvise your shot for better. If you try to maneuver, you don’t get to shoot the buck down. Analyze your shot once taken. From the wound, hair, and blood you can make out if you had a lung or heart or liver. A shot in the stomach is taken as a bad strike.


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